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    someone could explain me what is this surface definition?
    i had seen this metod to design hulls.
    Please giveme a link whit information.
    Thank you
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    yipster designer

    i did not know the name delta conic but you may check the search button above to get more on Harry Schoell stepped bottom design

  4. juiceclark

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    I've owned a couple Trojans (International Series was Deltaconic by Schoell) but they were all the F-Series boats...not the Int'l series.

    I'm finally selling my favorite:

    But having been on many Int'l Series, it was a nice design in sloppy water. It was so wide - with a very hard foredeck it allowed an open salon that seemed cavernous.
    However, the 12, 13 and 14 meters never seemed to plane as well as they should. There must be too much suction or something because I was on a 14-meter with twin 750hp 8v92s that only would cruise at about 20k. It would come up to 20k pretty easily then, no matter how much juice he gave it, the boat just wouldn't come-up anymore or go any faster.

    Tony in Sw FL
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