Delftship: Tumblehome and Flared Bow

Discussion in 'Software' started by adt2, Jan 21, 2011.

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    I'm a relatively new Delftship user; I know my way around the application, but I'm not what you'd call "proficient." I purchased a license a few years ago, played around with the software, moved on to other projects, and am now back in the amateur boat design game. For what it's worth...I'm just designing for me. I don't want to become a naval architect or anything. Just want to draft up a retirement home...:)

    So. I've got two boats that I'm sort of cut-and-pasting between to come up with something I like. I've got a lines plan for a hull that I like, and an "artist's rendering" of a topside that I like. Luckily for me, the two vessels are nearly identical in length and beam, so I'm not trying to force a potato to become a duck.

    My problem is, the topside portion has a fair bit of flair to the bow and tumblehome near the stern, and I'm really not sure how to produce those effects in Delftship. I tried moving the chine crease outboard of the sheer (for the tumblehome), but it didn't seem to have much effect. For the flair, it looks like I just need to add another set or two of points in the vertical direction and then nudge them inboard of the face between the sheer and chine to bow the face.

    Any hints, tips, secrets, or magic words would be greatly appreciated.
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    Pictures or better yet an .fbm to work with would be needed to even begin to answer your question.
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    Pictures of what? I really don't have anything to work with at this point; I'm more curious about the general procedure for creating a tumblehome aft and the flared bow. I created a quick Delftship model to experiment with, but other than that I really don't have anything to go on.

    Are you looking for the hull and deckhouse images I'm using as a skeleton?

    Edit: Sorry - I didn't mean to sound snippy there. What I meant was, the hull lines I am starting from have neither tumblehome nor bow flair, both of which I'd like to incorporate, as they are integral parts of the topside/deckhouse look I'm shooting for. I guess that raises the question: Should I go ahead and recreate my lines plan in Delftship and then modify it to include those features? Or are the shapes I'm looking for going to be easier/better created by figuring out how to do it from the very beginning and incorporating them as I draw the lines? I'm just not familiar enough with Delftship to really know what the best workflow is.
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    Lets say you create an new Delftship file with the new file wizard (just click new and enter) You now have a sailboat hull with 4 points per side.

    Click on the stern section the top (deck) point and drag it towards the centerline, you now get tumblehome.

    Click on the first section the first point down from the deck and drag it inwards, now you have created flair.

    You need at least 3 point to do it.
    See my attached example.

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    Okay, that helps. Thanks for the sample file.

    If I sent you the pictures, you think you could do the rest of the hull? :)
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