Deep V vs flat - hull design and modification 13 ft Broom Gemini

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Norado, Jul 21, 2023.

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    Hi boaters, I'm a sailor with limited knowledge of planing boats and their design. I just picked up a Broom Gemini from 1977, 13ft with 40hp at the stern. It has a fairly flat hull shape, as I need to cut open the bottom and do some fibre glass work anyways I wondered if I could do something fun with the hull shape. I would like it to be smoother in choppy water at max speed, don't care that much about stability at lower speeds or stationary. If someone could point me in the direction of plans or some boat models of similar size with good hull designs it'd be much appreciated. The deeper the V the better?
  2. Norado
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    Broom Gemini

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    The boat looks to be in very nice condition.
    Why do you have to cut out the bottom?
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    Try not to improve that boat. It was designed to operate in a certain performance envelope with a moderate amount of power.

    A deeper vee will effect the performance of the boat in terms of horsepower per knot achieved. A deeper vee will require more horsepower to deliver the same speed as the 40 delivers as is.
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    If the boat you have doesn't do what you wish, it is a lot less work to sell it and buy the boat that suits your needs than it is to carry out extensive modifications. The comments in post #4 are entirely correct.
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