Dealing with pirates

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by dave L, Nov 22, 2004.

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  1. capt vimes
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    may i add - treat anyone with the same amount of respect you are expecting for yourself...
  2. rasorinc
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    Reactive armor draped over the sides of a boat will stop RPGs. Of course you would want a thick steel hull. Also a broad beam as it is heavy. It is used to protect older tanks not built to withstand artillary.
    Basically, unless your a Navy with big bucks, your wasting your time trying to bullet proof a boat. That is why tanks weigh over 45 tons.
  3. mark775

    mark775 Guest

    The solution is to have a presence and reach out farther than they do. At this point, I wouldn't even report anything - just aerate and keep on goin'.
  4. Verytricky
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    Kevlar is part of a bullet proof jacket, but the design requires some give. Using kevlar in resin looses about 60% of the individual sheet resistance.

    For example, if you were shot in a bullet proof jacket with a 45 acp - nice slow round with large surface area, three sheets of kevlar cloth would stop the bullet, provided it had another three sheets as backing. (The kinetic energy would probably break several ribs in your body , but you would not have penetration.) So you would think that six sheets of kevlar laminated up would definately stop the bullet, but it would not do so. Go straigh through.

    If you go for a smaller diameter bullet, with a faster speed, then six layers of kevlar cloth will not work, you need a ceramic plate to assist.

    So if you were thinking of some form of bulletproof superstructure, I guess the best would be a composite, with an outer ceramic plate, a double inner kevlar CLOTH, with probably sand pockets then an inner layer of lightweight resin based material. The plates would break up the largest part of the energy of the bullet, fragmenting it or tumbling it. The kevlar cloth/sand composite layer would hold the fragments, and the final layer would provide the backing. This would probably hold back all common ball amunition from the AK series and NATO series, except the heavy caliber. Armour piercing rounds are very expensive and I do doubt pirates from somalia have them.
  5. yellow cat
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    Fanie made a good point B.P.V.s are no joke and are extreme measures. You may want to google ballistic kevlar and you will see. My friend cannot sale these products directly to the public. From on site experience, it is better to diplomat your way out of a situation or avoid the situation all together. But if having a protection against "anything" up to existing tech. possibilities is your desire, it will certainly protect from hurricannes and tornados. The engineer that owned my house before me in florida had the idea of installing armored glass windows and anything proof sidings and structures, my house was about the only thing standing after a couple hurricannes untill they closed the park, my friends tore it down piece by piece and reused the stuff, apparently a 10 year old gift house was not good enough for Katrina survivors ...
    I had a hint from someone to consider static elect. from lightning. My understanding is that the "faraday cage" is the best protection. So a combo steel and kevlar could be your best bet.
  6. Brent Swain
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    Our Vichy Canadian government has invited heavily armed foreign pirates into Canadian waters to harass and, if they get the urge, shoot Canadian boaters, and trash their boats during the Olympics. They are members of the notorious pirate gang called "The US Coastguard." Expect a major international incident to come out of this ,that will be shown in the international media around the world.
    Friends here have told me they dream of meeting one of those *******s out behind the bar at night.
    This is the last nail in the coffin of our vichy government.
  7. Brent Swain
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    Brent Swain Member

    Cargo containers are ready made houses that will do all of the above, we are awash in them, and shipping them back to China empty is economically marginal.
  8. BTPost
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    BTPost Junior Member

    Hey Brent, is that anything like the Canadians extorting "Transit Taxes" from US Fishing Vessels on their way to Alaska, where they didn't even make Landing on the Inside Passage? Senator Jackson was about to convoy our boats with a US Navy Destroyer, and DARE your Coasties to stick their Bow above the Horizon, before your Victoria Boys backed down.... and how many years did you have to BEG Alaska, to resume Ferry Service to Prince Rupert, after holding one of our Ferries HOSTAGE in the Harbor????
  9. Brent Swain
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    Brent Swain Member

    I think the BC fishermen would have been much wiser to do hit and run tactics , blocking narrow channels to stop northbound Alaska freight from catching tides, Just long enough to make them miss the tides, then scatter, to greatly increase the shipping time for it to get to Alaska, and thus the cost of goods there. Some were talking about taking pot shots at the Alaska bound cargo containers, in narrow BC channels . The damage would have never been discovered until arrival in Alaska, greatly increasing insurance costs, and costs to Alaska consumers. . There would have been nothing anyone could do about that, the coastline being so long and remote. Maybe they will try that in the future. Fishermen are not known to be the sharpest tools in the shed.
    I wish we still had the government which had the balls to charge transit fees. The current Canadian extension of the Bush regime is dropping rapidly in the polls. He said he is not interested in the Canadian perspective on the news, but he gets all his news from Fox news. That is reason enough for Canadians to give him the boot.
    Uncle Sam is trying to claim our northwest passage is international waters (Ya sure, like the US intercoastal waterway?)
    If I get a crew together to run the length of the intercoastal waterway without stopping, does that mean I don't have to clear in thru US customs and immigration, or pay entry fees? Ya sure!
    When US tuna boats stopped into Hot Spring cove on the west coast of Vancouver Island, without checking in anywhere, the mounties simply told them to leave. What would the US have done in a similar situation? During 911, airliners were diverted to Newfoundland. If Canada had been attacked by flying nutbars , would the US have diverted them to US airspace, to save Canadian lives? Not likely.
    When US customs chased a Canadian grader operator into Canada, blasting away at him with their guns, Canada simply sent them back . What would the US have done if Canadians had followed a USanian into the US, guns a blazing?.
    How would USanians react to mounties harassing USanians in US waters?
    The Ecuadoran Presidente said it well ,when he said " Sure, the US can build military bases in Ecuador, as soon as they let us build Ecuadoran military bases in the US."
  10. troy2000
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    troy2000 Senior Member

    So you really think the Canadian government can, or should, interfere with American vessels moving between two of our states with no stops in between? Our traffic along the West Coast is hardly the same thing as you traipsing around in the lower 48's waterways, Brent. Don't be silly. It's a very poor analogy.

    Now if the Intracoastal Waterway (Intercoastal is between two coasts) happened to be the main water route between two of your provinces, you might have a point....ey?

    Give it a rest. The Pig War ended in 1872. And it would be extremely hairbrained of your fishermen to start shooting at American vessels; That wouldn't exactly get our Coasties out of your hair. Trust me on that one.
  11. Brent Swain
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    Brent Swain Member

    I avoid the US waters like the plague. When I live in the best criusing ground in the world , why would I go to a more crowded place, awash in rules , where big brother is free to do midnight home invasions and send you off to a Syrian torture camp any time they please, or steal your boat any time they please. Sorta takes the fun and relaxation out of cruising.
    Friends who have gone there recently said they had forgot how awash in rules and regulations they are, and that the beaches are privately owned right to the low tide mark. In Canada, anything above the high tide mark is public, like in most civilised countries. Friends said it will be a long time before they go back to US waters.
    The welcome USanian boats get in Canadian waters is in inverse porportion to the size of their flags. Wear a huge US flag and you identify yourself as a relic from the much hated Bush regime. A USanian boat with a tiny US flag , or no flag and or a US port on their stern are treated as a Usanian refugee, and they are far more welcome here. Any time the US tried military muscle against Canada, that welcome would disappear instantly, and Canada would no longer be a safe pace for any USanian, for centuries to come.
    They would also get their asses kicked, just like they did in Vietnam. They would have Iraq next door, for centuries.
    Usainans are, roughly half, great people, with wonderful values, and half brainwashed, myopic, self riteous right wing asses. The latter are easy to identify.
    When the Vietnam draft dodgers showed up, we got the creme of the USanian crop , people who refused to kill anyone on corporate orders. Our gain was their loss. How our current Vichy government treats war resistors from the US is a national embarrassment , for most Canadians.
    Our apologies. We hope to soon rectify the problem, by regime change from within..
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  12. TollyWally
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    TollyWally Senior Member

    I've been up and down the inside passage enough times to remember when it still had trees! Brent you're stirring the pot for no good reason that I can see. Your use of the term popularized by one of our site curmudgeons drips of hostility missing from his use. As does the rest of your rant.

    Your military ***** matching points are delusional. There will be many boats transiting the inside passage out of Puget Sound headed for the AK grounds come spring. Put your steel hulled vessel in their way at your own peril, the majority of them are half brainwashed myopic right wing asses and they'll hand you your lunch. I thought BC bud made you mellow.
  13. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    I would tend to agree but your not going to know if they are friendlies or not unless they get close enough to initiate an assault

    that is unless your in hostile territory any way at and they have that suspicious look
    at which point it might be prudent to put one across there bow and send them packing

    I notice on the piracy map there are several hot spots down in south America
    specifically the Amazon area
    a pity I was hoping to explore that area some and I still probably will
    but now with a bit more caution I suppose

  14. ScottK
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    ScottK Landlubber

    Anti-Piracy devices

    A few more videos of anti-piracy devices. Some of them might not be new.

    And for my personal favorite. Use one of these to distract the pirates and do whatever you want to them. Heck, just a gigantic T.V. screen facing them with this video playing should be distracting enough! :D
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  15. mark775

    mark775 Guest

    I almost commented before watching the fourth video. Yes, effective deterrent. I particularly liked the first two "deterrents" designed to lull them into range - This is getting more sophisticated! (*****-footing around with terrorists/pirates makes this a more dangerous world.)
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