Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by morbidflorist, Dec 4, 2005.

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    They are probably all right to some extent. A lot depends on the company that marinizes the engine as well. As far as parts: they are intercangeable to the extent that the holes line up. Some parts will be identical and some may be modified. My block in my marine power chevy for example appears to have some sort of coating in the water jackets. It then has four bolt mains like a truck or HP motor. The pistons are forged and has HP rods and forged crank. The heads were junk. It had sodium filled truck valves that disintegrated. It now has modern Dart iron eagle heads. The carb is different as is the alternator and starter. And obviously the cam is different. So other than those things it is exactly the same as a car engine :)
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    Your 305 Marine Engine is closer to a Truck engine. The same or almost the same cam, different gasgets and soft plugs as well as intake manifold, carb, starter and alternator.
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    " From the media I thought global warming was a big issue but if the air is cleaner then global warming is going away"

    Global warming is Hopefully NOT going away.

    WE are between ice ages , the warming is NORMAL , although we havent yet reaches the usual peak temperatures between Ice Ages.

    When we do the globe will again (after a few thousand years) be covered with 300ft thick ICE as far south as NYC.

    A far more daunting hassle than "warming".

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    Who said he has to do an EPA certification? The Clean Air Act says it's perfectly legal to put any engine into a vehicle as long as the engine was manufactured after the car. You still have to hook up all the emissions equipment to be legal, though. Believe me, it's not THAT hard to be legal, even when dropping a big block in place of a smallblock.

    This guy does engine swaps for a living, and he operates out of California. The page I linked to goes over the process of having an engine swap legally certified in California.

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    Global warming - bring it on. All you people out there with sail power are not helping at all. 4 degrees C this morning all because of the people using sails instead of proper engines.
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