DC: Trouble Shooting, Installs & Reapirs

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    We do Marine DC Troubleshooting/Repairs/Mods and Installs.

    Operating out of Ontario Canada
    - Battery selection,
    - Isolators,
    - Switches,
    - LED crossover, through
    - Fuse/Cirquit breakers and beyond.

    Time permitting, we also modify Manual Downriggers (focus: CANNON) from Manual to Electric at 400-600 percent lest cost than buying the add-on OEM probduct. We are presently in the design phase of custom building Electric Outriggers as well.

    Message me for information.

    Below are pictures of recently constructed of a modified Manual Downrigger to Electric and a Stand Alone Battery/Fuse Pannel & Switch Panel for smaller boats.

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