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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by jsdiii, Jul 23, 2007.

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    I am looking for plans for a 19-22' catamaran to daysail. Love the Hobie 21 SE with wings, but they are hard to find! Beam around 10-12 feet would be ideal. Boat does not need to be folding or quickly demountable. I don't want or need a cuddy cabin or any hull accomadations. I like the Duo 800, but it has a cuddy. Help, I have scoured the internet w/o success.

    Thanks... in advance!
    Scott :p
  2. Chris Ostlind

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    Daysailing Cat

    Hi Scott,

    Maybe this design is something like the boat you seek?

    This is a boat I did last year for a client prior to the shifting of their needs with the arrival of a new baby. The specs for this boat are 21' LOA, 12' BOA, displacement is 1450 lbs. The boat is demountable, can use the hard deck shown or a trad soft tramp, can use self-supporting carbon biplane rigs in each hull or a straight-forward, rotating single rig on the beam (with dolphin striker installed) The sailing hardware and rudders are easily available on the used market as would be the trad rig, if you went that way.

    As you see it in the renderings, the beams fit into sockets in the hulls, the hard surface deck splits down the middle while hinging up from the edges and a series of supporting composite I beams are removed from under the deck for transport on a typical beach cat trailer.

    There is a substantial spray chine above the waterline to help provide a drier ride and give more hull volume, especially forward.

    The main foils can be daggerboards or centerboards as you desire for your type of sailing preferences and the rudders are of the standard, beach cat style flip-up variety.

    Access to the interior of the hulls is via a couple of large, watertight rectangular hatches in each hull. This allows the weight for camping gear, etc., to be kept low and off the deck.

    The outer corner of the hull tops is beveled to provide solid footing for anyone out on the trap wire as well as to break-up the boxy look of the hull. The boat can easily be equipped with removable hiking benches outboard of the hulls themselves for comfortable fast cruising.

    Construction is stitch and glue in marine plywood with epoxy/glass laminates inside and out for a strong and easy to build boat.

    If this design is of interest to you, write me off list at... Chris at wedgesail dot com.

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    I have sent you a couple of emails to you @ and have not heard back from you. Do I have the right email address?

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