Dave Martin Sportfish?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by jhand, Sep 27, 2011.

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    Hello All, I am a newbie and just purchased my second boat and wanted to know if anyone could tell me more info maybe about the boat. I will post the ad and a pic any info greatly appreciated
    This is 1967 45 Gulfstream sportfisherman. Boat was originally designed by Dave Martin (famous NJ Offshore designer). The boat is wood construction with batten and board construction on sawn frames. All construction is heavy built with 1 1/2" Mahogany planks on 6" Mahogany frames. Overall hull condition is excellent. Vessel used to be certified passenger vessel from USCG for 22 passengers until 2008, when a family change forced the business to stop. Boat was being run in Mystic, CT as successful charter boat since 2001. The boat has been upgraded and restored by a professional captain since 2001.

    Interior was remodeled during 2003-2004 with new upholstery and equipment throughout in galley and Salon. Salon has pull out queen coach, 32 TV with CD player and surround sounds system. Full wet bar (with granite countertop) to port and dinette to starboard. There is a full head with seperate shower opposite the step down galley with full size refrigerator and stove. There is a midship queen berth forward followed by a twin bunk all the way fwd. Staterooms need to be completed with upholstery and trim. All compartments were re-Awlgripped during 2002-2004 including engine room, lazzarate and fwd bilge.

    The boat has been out of the water since Dec 2007. The boat needs work on the exterior which includes reglassing foredeck, Bridge overhang replacement, and paint and varnish work. The boat needs the rebuilt Twin Disc 510A transmission to be reinstalled into the boat (included in price). The boat needs interior work to include finishing fwd staterooms.

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    I have great respect for Dave Martin's work, but fear that you may have bit off quite a chunk of work to get this wooden beauty back up and running.
    Best of luck with your project, keep us posted on progress!
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