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    Hello first post and thx in advance for any given help.

    I'm working on a data acquisition implementation for a small sized 2 person skiff. The system will be receiving data from typical onboard sensors/instruments that most likely will be using the NMEA protocol while also acquiring video streaming images from a couple of gopro cameras that will be pointing to the sails.
    The whole point of the system is to be able to draw polar graphs, use it as VPP and also use it as an regata analyser combining the data with the images from the cameras.

    My backgroung is on electronics but I'm totaly new to the marine environment so I'm looking for some advice on how I can implement this type of system maybe if somebody here has already done something like this, it doesn't seem to be anything groundbreaking after all.

    In particular I'm looking for a piece of software that can do data acquisition and analysis. I 've already seen that there are myriads of commercial/freeware, closed/open source etc... flavors of these programs so I'm searching for some experienced advise on how to narrow down possible options mainly considering that I also need to attach those two cameras.

    Another question I have arises from the fact that I see that all these programs seem to be running on PCs. Does this mean I need to use some sort of onboard datalogger (that will be interfaced to NMEA + Gopro) and then download everything to the PC (which makes it an offline solution) or is there a way to directly connect a pc to NMEA and the cameras probably using some sort of communication bridge which in my mind makes it more of online and real-time visualization solution?

    Thx again.
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