Damaged 10.5 easy catamaran

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Stephen Cameron, Apr 18, 2021.

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    Stephen Cameron New Member

    I have purchased a 10.5m easy catamaran (Peter snell) and discovered wet rot in both hulls. Could anyone help in obtaining stringer dimensions etc to aid in my repairs? Any help would be greatly appreciated
    Thx Stephen Cameron
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    Welcome to the Forum Stephen.

    There was a thread on here about a year ago about Easy Catamarans -
    Easy Catamarans: Snells retired? https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/easy-catamarans-snells-retired.63228/

    In this thread they mention the Easy Catamaran Owners group on Facebook - it is a private group, so you have to join to see what they are discussing.
    But they might be a useful first place to start with your questions re the stringers.
    Facebook Groups https://www.facebook.com/groups/553413452112150

    And I am sure that everybody on here would like to know more about your cat, and the problems with your wet rot - can you post some photos of your boat please, and some photos of the areas of concern in the hulls re the wet rot please?
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  3. gonzo
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    You should be able to measure the dimensions of the stringer and other parts. How much experience do you have with wooden boats? If it is not much, your best approach is to hire a marine carpenter or marine surveyor to asses the damage and advise you if it is worth repairing.
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