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    I was carrying out damage stability of a multipurpose cargo vessel using NAPA.I have divided the ship into 7 zones according to the transverse bulkheads.

    Q1 Do we need to include superstructure in the model for damage stability calculation?Couldn't find anything related to that in rules.I could only see Ds+12.5 criteria for Hmax, but isn't it only for passenger ship?

    Q2. In the calculaion of p*v*s for the cases related to my zone1 (aftmost zone) all the 'p' values are coming to zero.It's a zone of 13.8 m with no longitudinal bulkhead but with 3 decks.How is it possible?(If i am not wrong the 'p' factor just depend on the water tight arrangement of a zone)

    Please share your thought and pardon me if any of my question doesn't make sense as I am fairly new in the business.:)
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    1. you dont need to include superstructure while carrying out damage stability. It is mainly concerned about the hull part. That is only in the case of passenger ship.

    2. Check your opening arrangment, if it zero, it means in every case the compartment is getting flooded fully.

    I hope i answered your questions. if you hav stillmore queries, contact me on my below mail id

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