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    On Brad Van Liews Tommy Hilfiger and maybe other open class ocean racers, whats up with the daggers mounted in front of the mast, in front of center of effort? Is it because they carry the beam so far back, the wide transom?:confused:
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    It is to balance the geek carrying the weight, which is further aft than you would normally put a keel (but can keep the bulb on the torsional axis so it doesn't torque off)
    Also, having the daggerboards off-centre means they need to go forwards to keep the balance right.
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    If the boat has a canting keel the purpose of asymetrical daggeboards is to,among other things, prevent the canting keel strut from going through the water sideways . By doing that the keel strut can be a lower wetted surface design that develops no lateral resistance and the induced drag that would be the result.
    There is a concept used on Reynolds catamarans called "Shared Lift" where the daggerboards are further forward than would be normal and smaller than would be normal. And the rudder area larger than normal--and the boat is very well balanced from what I hear and tacks quicker than a standard multihull configuration.
    This system is possible on an Open 60 because like a multihull the boards are more or less vertical upwind...
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