Daggerboads - Down/Up/Removed

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Pat Ross, Sep 8, 2023.

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    Pat Ross 1999 Hughes 30 Cat

    I have not found this topic online.

    What is the best position or location of daggerboards during hurricane force winds - when
    1. Slipped in a marina
    2. at a mooring

    dagger boards Down/Up/Removed and lashed to deck. I am thinking removed and lashed to deck.


  2. cavalier mk2
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    cavalier mk2 Senior Member

    Sounds about right, no tripping hazard or windage. Getting the boom down, furlers off etc.. is also prudent. Weight down low in the hulls helps too, maybe the boards can be shipped below decks?
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  3. TeeKay
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    TeeKay Junior Member

    I'm TeeKay

    I guess that it depends on "how long your piece of string is" that is I suppose. (Pun intended )

    I too think removed and lashed to deck.

    Although, on the shortest piece of string, in my opinion, I would have the whole vessel sitting secure in a hurricane force wind stronghold where, if it were mine, my cat would be 100% secure.

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