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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Rawl3610, Sep 7, 2015.

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    Recentently bought this Cygnus cygnet 23 fitting out with 2 x 260 petrol fuel tanks under the deck filler caps and hatches over pipe inlets. The hardwood beams will be replaced over tanks Also fitting 2 x 140ah battery's in separated compartment under wheelhouse.
    Trying to locate a wheelhouse as Cygnus mould has gone to Ireland.

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    You have the option of making one from marine ply and glassing it. See if you can track down the designer, as they should have some original drawings for the wheel house. Or even making a mould from cheap MFC and the like. It does not seem like an old design so there may be some CAD 2D drawings around for it. Looks like there were several options on how to 'cabin' this hull!.

    Also maybe drop a line to Gary Bull, down near Portmouth, he's done a project close on this length, hull and topsides. Check this thread.
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    if you look through my thread in the link above you will see how i made all my plugs , moulds and first boat.

    for the wheelhouse i made a mdf version of what i wanted and then painted it with duratec surface primer and then sanded and polished it so that i could then take a mould from it to make the grp version.

    if you don't want to make a plug you could make a temporary mould using melamine board but you have to work inside out to make the mould that way.

    easy to do if you know what you are doing.

    if your not sure then i would make an mdf version which you can sit in place on the boat and change it around until you get it looking how you want it.

    once your happy paint it and then take a mould off it and make your grp version.

    have a good read through my thread as you may find it very helpful.
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