Cutting up a tree.

Discussion in 'Materials' started by cappedup, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. tunnels

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    Have laid a lot of beech flooring in my time and its a nice looking timber and looks fantastic when its laid If its your own tree why not make some special furnature for yourself .!! :D
    Yes if it get wet it goes black !!
  2. rberrey
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    Trees in people,s yards tend to attract childern with hammers and nails. Saw mills tend to shy away from them due to nails and saw blades not mixing. Rick
  3. Submarine Tom

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    What I did years ago, was had my oversized maple felled by a professional. He cut it into 48 inch pieces which I ran through an 18 inch band saw I purchased for the job. 1/4 sawn left me with some great 2 X 2 inch edge grain lumber which later became my houseboat galley counter, plus a few other nick-nacks.

  4. tunnels

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    When i did fooring i used to use endgrain wood for making boarders and beautiful patterns , even using the same timber it looks so much differant !! Nice one :D:p
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  5. Frosty

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    Dont use coconut trees. Its barely wood and holds massive amounts of water. When dried out it turns into a kind of fibrous material with no strength and will collapse if you use it to hold up a boat in a boat yard.
  6. Squidly-Diddly
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    Tree guys are going to want to make firewood lenghts out of it.

    If it is leaning over your house they will lop off short manageable sections and use ropes to get them to the ground, one at a time, nice and easy.

    Good luck getting a Tree Service to do anything BUT that, due to extreme liability issues. They will tell you "you couldn't pay me enough" to fell a whole tree anywhere near a house or people, or even underground utilities.

    Be like asking a car dealership to take out all the seatbelts.
  7. runningman
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    Until 20 years ago we operated a sawmill.

    My dad said that during WW II his father said (when you could sell any kind of wood) now let's saw all those beech trees we've never been able to use before.

    Even then it wouldn't sell. I guess it makes good paper though....
  8. hoytedow
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    Beech is used a lot to make door skins.
  9. keith66
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    Beech used to be imported into Old Leigh & the Timber wharf would be piled high with sawn logs. It was sold to the furniture industry.
    Of course planks of it often fell over the wall & were used in boats. Then the stuff was euphemistically named "Leigh Oak". On a boat it rots faster than you can believe & the owner would always rue the day he used it. Gave the yard i worked at plenty of work though!

  10. PAR
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    Beech is a trim only species and better be well protected.
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