Cutting into the Bow

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by ChrisN67, Feb 22, 2009.

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    I would like to install a forward looking sonar head into my 339 WA. The head is large and must be below the keel and unobstructed forward view. This is virtually impossible considering a 20+ dead rise and a step.

    I was thinking about cutting a notch center on the bow 18" below the waterline. I would go inside the hull and form a bulkhead forward of the notch (90 degrees to keel and hull side to hull side) and aft of the notch. Then join the two with a composite (Coosa) cored stringer. All of this would be done with epoxy and 1708 biax.

    I was thinking to also NOT make the back of the notch 90 degrees but rather a slope. This would be less stress on the hull in case of a nose strike that catches and focuses load on this protrusion. The transducer would have essentially a foam encased non structural fairing behind it. In the even of a strike, it would shear off rather that be directed into the hull.

    Any Ideas?

    Any Ideas?
    Thank you
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    Cutting into bow

    I suppose that someone knows what this means.

    It is possible that someone who is not familiar with the jargon here could have something useful to contribite.

    Never mind.

    Ivor Bittle
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    Your right, I was looking for something more useful.

    For the more gifted in the crowd, anyone ever consider notching the keel to insert a forward looking radar transducer (they are big)
    I was thinking to insert it in the bow at the keel where it is just about 18" below the waterline when the boat is at rest.

    This portion of the keel is out of the water when on plane at high speed. I want to use the sonar at low speeds only. It is useless at the WOT.
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