Cutting Aluminum

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by dick stave, Mar 4, 2005.

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    I am building a 54' cigarette and have used a cheap $7 wood blade.
    I lubricate it with a tube of wax and they cut great. I clean the Aluminum with Methyl before assembling. There is a fair amount of sheet cutting so if a tooth flies off, no big deal. I also have a 1/8" millar blade that i use for shapes.
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    keep us posted

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    I live in the Florida Keys and cut lots of Aluminum. On long cuts I use a blade that is specific to aluminum. It has carbide teeth that have a back angel on them. I also use water as a lubricant. A small hose with a small nozzle puts a small amount of water right in front of the saw. As the saw travels along the water keeps the blade from becoming hot and is a lubricant for the blade. I’ve tried wd40 and every thing else. This is cheep and the blades last for ever. It also cuts down on the flying chips. It only takes a small mist or spray and can be attached right to the saw like you’ll see on any milling machine.

    Dave Banks Marathon Florida
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