cutter stay hull attachment

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by urisvan, Sep 24, 2010.

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    these are the possible inner forestay attachment arrangements.
    first one is easy to install. is it sufficient or should i do the other one
    Or do you have any other recommendations


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  2. waikikin
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    Hi Ulas, Both have merit, the first model could be applied to bracket both sides of the bulkhead with the stay fitting bridging to fore & aft faces, incorperate some bracing gusset alighned to the wire load path or deeper to the aft bracket & also definately extend the strapping much! much! deeper down into the bulkhead with more bolts. Also put some extra hole or two into the external vertical component, they may come in handy for some thing like attachment of a deck bag for the staysail etc. So far as running the numbers on bolt loadings, material thickness etc I'll leave to the qualified engineers but consider the cross section of the attached wire & toggle pin & add a very big safety margin (400+%?) in like material sizes. Regards from Jeff.
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  3. gonzo
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    #1 is simple and will work fine.
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