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    Is anyone familiar with this custom Cross trimaran. The owner claims it is a little over 40' long, 26' wide, with about a 4'6" draft. He says he built the rigid cockpit enclosure around the existing "center cockpit", but otherwise the boat is as he got it. Supposedly it was built in Melbourne, FL by someone who built at least three trimarans. It has a foam cored hull with plywood bulkheads and deck(?).

    It has the width and vented wings that look like the 40RC (see pictures of "Trick"), what looks like a stern cabin similar to the 39 or 40, but is maddeningly flush-decked!

    It is certainly unique enough to be memorable, and has spent a lot of time cruising the FL Atlantic coast and the Bahamas. It is currently for sale and I would like to find out as much about it as possible before driving across the state to view it.

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