Curved stem in Carlson chine hull designer

Discussion in 'Software' started by jake101, Oct 3, 2017.

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    Hi all.

    Is there a way to draw a curved stem in Carlson hull designer?

    I would like to make a bow such as a "spoon" bow such as in the photo below

    at the moment i have a hard chine hull drawn up that i will be building as a 1/15 model from balsa in the next few weeks. the only problem is i can't draw a curved bow/stem to give it a nicer look, I can only draw a "raked" stem.

    if I cant draw it in Carlson, is there another way?

    also, whats the best way to print to scale from Carlson? i can print to PDF, but i can only send to a print shop in france, I want to print it to make a 600mm long model. the language barrier is a killer here and I dont want to spend a fortune on reprints.

    thanks for any help

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    The line of the stem isn't independent of the shape of the bow generally, and especially if you are working with developable surfaces. Your spoon bow would be the natural shape formed by convex topsides meeting, hollow concave sides would naturally form a stem curved the other way. More or less straight sections topsides will normally end in a more or less straight stem.
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  3. PAR
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    No you can't make a curved stem in Carlson hull designer, if memory serves me correctly, but in most cases it doesn't matter, in terms of volumetric calculations. Draw a straight (raked) stem at about the angle you want the spoon, perform the calculations, then leave a little extra on the ends of the planking, where you'll carve the shape you actually want. A little Mickey Moused, but the easy way around.

  4. jake101
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    jake101 Junior Member

    Thanks for the advice

    I will see how it goes this weekend.
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