Curved dagger boards

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by oceancruiser, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. oceancruiser

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    Will the next genneration designs, cruising Catamarans with curved dagger boards devalue designs without them. :!:
  2. Doug Lord
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    Curved daggerboards

    You mean like the Catana 59? Only if they prove to have real value in this application. With great design, they should prove to be an asset. Problems may be replacement in far off places and repair.

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    Not necessary-- as all designs have their pro's and con's. High aspect fin keels verses full keels. Schooner rigs verses marconi rigs. With many engineering marvels the old become the new again with just a little tweaking. The Franklin electric verses the Chevy Volt. :)

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    Gooday - 'o-c' - have you put this question in 'crusing forums', & M-4-US & all the othe 'forums' well ??? Do you really want an answer or are you genuine 'tolling' all the web sights ??? just for fun. ciao, james

    PS Of course - the answer's Yes/No is it not. For those who want performance cruising & want to pay the price - it'll be YES for those that don't care & want to just go cruising & enjoy the adventure & the trip - see places & meet great people - I'd suspect the answer might be No - What you say ??? eh. ciao, james

  5. oceancruiser

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    Certainly not- genuine.
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