Curious New Human Powered Sub

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Chris Ostlind, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Chris Ostlind

    Chris Ostlind Previous Member

    This is a fascinating approach to powering-up a submarine.

    A search for underwater vehicles discovered this interesting project out of Russia.

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  2. Submarine Tom

    Submarine Tom Previous Member



    Thanks, I thought I'd seen them all but I missed that one.

    Too bad there aren't more details.

  3. Chris Ostlind

    Chris Ostlind Previous Member

    The website says that they are seeking financial partners. My guess is that even though they state that they have a collection of patents, it looks as if they are still playing it rather close to the vest until it goes into production.

    All those sneaky folks in foreign countries and all...

  4. Submarine Tom

    Submarine Tom Previous Member

    I read it all thoroughly, including their skewed survey results.

    It dates back a few years. It's tied to a shipyard in Russia.

    Personaly, I think it's a great market but, it's a big challenge to get

    everything right.
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