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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Velsia, Dec 9, 2019.

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    After a great many years of intensive study I have concluded that the best cupholder does not mount to the boat, it mounts to the lifejacket. For me to mount a cupholder in each seat position of each of my boats would be insane (6X 2 or 4?) when I can put one in my lifejacket and be set.
    There is no escaping the contradiction of placing a loop at hand and then expecting it will not be used as a handhold in a moment of need. If you put the cupholder in an out of the way position it will inevitably be the home to many an orphan brew located by smell days later.
    Lifejacket brews have no such problem -no question who's beer it is, always in reach, even when the captain sends you forward to change sails. The built in safety feature -crack a brew, take a swig and..... put on your lifejacket! Being the life support for a precious brew gives me added incentive to stay upright, and, failing to stay upright this design makes if painfully obvious I need to stop drinking.
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    If your boat has thin gunwales, then this cup holder design on youtube is great. (go to 2 minutes to see the finished cup holder) The cup holder can be slid on the gunwale to where ever it will be convenient. The cup holder in the youtube video is rather crude but nice ones could be made out of mahogany and stained and finished to look professional. I'm planning to make a few when I build my jon boat.
  3. Saqa
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    Neoprene laminated with nylon on both sides. Use this to sew up some like soft pockets. Will give insulation, grip and wobbly human friendly. I'll have mine attach with auto retracting cord so dont even have to take the bottle out of the holder ;)
  4. Squidly-Diddly
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    Outdoor Tactical Military Molle Water Bottle Bag Nylon Kettle Pouch Belt Holder | eBay
    This model has single MOLLE strap and positioned bit too low IMO for good holding of OPEN beer can. However, it has some insulation. Prefer for storing the can you are planning to open soon.

    Tan MOLLE Gear Hydration Water Bottle Pouch Utility Holder PALS Straps 3.25" 848754003867 | eBay
    This model has two MOLLE straps and gives better natural hang and has no insulation and is bigger for full size quart water squeeze bottle. Regular 12oz beer can will set well below top of bag.

    All big fattest (Bud) beer cans will fit into USGI 3 mag rifle pouch snugly.US Military Triple Mag Pouch Three (3) 30rd USGI Magazines EXCELLENT / NEW ISSUE | eBay
    BTW these make really great tool pouches and are perfect for holding an Impact Driver and handy to shove screwdrivers, wrenches, flashlights, pens, etc into either the pouches OR the molle straps. Top USGI quality and dirt cheap if you buy a set of 10 in "good used" condition.
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    One of the best cup holder designs IMO is Gemlux’s pole/cup holder combo.

    If you’re going to cut a hole in your boat, you want to do it to install something that is going to last, and while you’re at it why not install something multi-purpose?

    Their holders are so stout, you could use them for a variety of things like mounting/anchoring a removable solar top, swim ladder, hand rails, etc..

    They aren’t cheap, but they are built to last.
  6. Tiny Turnip
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    I agree with Skyak and Squiddly about the practicality of a pouch holder /carrier which can be mounted on lifejackets, clothing, or hung on (recessed) hooks. Lidded cups for hot drinks in heavy weather of course.

    But if you want something that is a 'feature', mini gimbals, in a prestige material of your choice.
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    thought this was pretty cool, gimbal mount , fits in a rod holder
  8. Squidly-Diddly
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    that could work well with these. just insert a stiff plastic disc and run the cord through so the disc holds it snug to surface and the thick foam walls will be plenty strong to keep drinks upright. can holder&qid=1624552021&sr=8-4
    The molle pouches I linked to are OK for wearing while hiking etc but not that good for causal drinking and got to fidget to take cans in and out.

    IMO a thick foam holder could be attached to life vest by poking a few holes in the foam with hot soldering iron and "sewing" some paracord, and that would be easier to in and out a drink one-handed since the thick foam will retain is shape and stay open. Stay tuned for me actually trying this and pics of results.

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    My Dear Chaps, you are not thinking elegantly enough..
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