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    I recently purchased a 32' cruiser with twin cummins 555's. I would like to increase the power by turbocharging the motors. Is this feasible? Any advice/contacts would be appreciated.
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    I assume you live in the US - shame we are on opposite sides of the world....we recently purchased a 48 footer with a pair of 320ho turbo 555's and would quite like the derated non-turbo engines!
    That aside - it doesn't sound like a great idea to me - manufacurers don't simply bolt on a turbo and hope for the best: there's a whole host of modifications required
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    Everything is possible, the question is what is the cost? The first thing that comes to mind is extra power on the drive train, and if it can handle the extra power, i.e. shafting, gearbox, propeller sizing.

    On the engine side, it really depends on how differerent the two versions are. If you have the parts book for both versions, then I suggest you check what parts are in common, in particular look at the big items, such as connecting rods, pistons, cylinder heads which may need to be changed for the higher combustion pressures.

    Depending on the engine, you might also have to add a Charge Air Cooler, modify your exhaust, modify fuel delivery system etc.

    I suggest you contact your local Cummins dealer.

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    llantz1954 scarrylarry

    you aren absolutely correctamundo!!!
    use your cpl number off your fuel pump and the manufacturer
    will love ya.... I would repower with cats or (if you don't mind the mess( v96ta detroit gimmys.... more power than you can probably handle about 120,000 each but ooooo the torque. a simple repower doesn't exist though. try arnesson drive or better props, southeast cummins in
    Cummins Southeastern Power, Inc. - Distributor
    Office Phone: 813-626-1101 or 1-800-338-2519
    Office Fax: 813-621-8250

    Sales Contact: Gale Stohler
    Service Contact: Steve Stohler

    Cummins Inc.,
    Box 3005,
    Columbus, IN 47202-3005 U.S.A

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    be careful

    A friend of mine had twin diesels turbocharged on his Bertram 34. The deck framing had to be trimmed down to accomodate the turbochargers. He was heading out in chop in Chesapeak Bay and the cockpit deck framing was flexing up and down and knocked off a turbocharger. There a fire in the engine compartment that nearly sank the boat. The one engine was ruined and it fried the wires and hoses on the other engine. He had to get towed back in.

    If it starts to look like any structural modifications are needed to do the turbos and you are not sure of the safety, you might want to have a compentent person do an analysis. My friend just left the whole job up to the mechanics at his boat yard. They didn't know anything about statics and strengths of materials.
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