Cummins KT-19

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by girvin, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Any thoughts on this engine Looking at a 73ft work boat with it. Can it be detuned and be a good cruising engine or would a swap be in order? I can't find anything on it.
  2. rasorinc
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  3. marshmat
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    Manufacturer's data sheet for the KT-19M version: Spec Sheets/CCEC/KT19-M.pdf
    It looks like it has the mechanical PT injectors, so it probably isn't dependent on an engine computer. I'm not a huge fan of turbochargers, but they're fine as long as you take proper care of the engine. A two tonne dry weight, 1423 / 1930 N.m torque, 425 hp / 317 kW and an 1800 rpm redline on an 18.9 L engine suggests the engineers erred on the traditional side: beefiness and gobs of torque with moderate RPM (it'll need a very sturdy transmission and a large diameter prop). Best brake specific fuel consumption is on the order of 210-220 g/kW.h, which is pretty good. I wouldn't turn one down if it came my way, as long as a trustworthy diesel mechanic gives it a nice thorough inspection and finds no problems.
  4. gonzo
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    Tuning it down simply doesn't let it get maximum HP. Keep the throttle down a bit and use the reserve in an emergency only.
  5. girvin
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    Thanks I am interested in this boat but so are alot of others. If I can get it under sontract to do a survey I am hiring one of the forums NAs to help me with what will be good but don't want to wast money on advice if its not even a boat close to what I want. Sound like the kind of engine I am looking for.

  6. whitepointer23

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    a great engine. i drove a roadtrain with the 450 hp and it never missed a beat , then we got a new kw with the 525 hp k 19, that truck had a gross weight of 210 metric tons , ran 24 hrs a day in up to 50 degrees c and never had a spanner on it. another company i worked for had 6 k19's in drill rigs 500hp to 730 hp, none of them gave an ounce of trouble either. i have heard of them acheiving 50,000 hours between rebuilds.

  7. whitepointer23

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    when you say you want to derate it, do you know what hp it is now, it may already be on minimum settings now. this is the old cummins pt fuel system, i think you have to replace the injectors to change hp , not adjust the computer like newer motors. i agree with gonzo, use less throttle. you may be able to add pitch to the prop and lower cruising rpm seems it won't have to work as hard cruising.
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