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    Ok Tansl. Your replies come across different to what you intend. Which is not hard to do on the net. I am guilty of it more often than not.
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    FMS, I totally agree with you. Without a SOR is not possible to design a ship.
    What I have tried to explain is that in a passenger catamaran, the normal "loads on-deck" is not a defining element of deck's structure. Assuming a load of 4 persons / square meter, the value is much lower than the stresses occurring due to relative motion between the hulls. These loads, which do have to consider for scantling the deck, wet deck and its internal structure is not possible, or at least is not normal, define them in the SOR. Therefore, certain statements may lead to embarrass Olusegun and not good to give advice if you do not know what we are talking about.
    My advice, for such a large ship, is that a small SOR is made (as indicated by FMS), not final, and contact with NA to help him to develop the final SOR and perform many calculations this project needs. Frankly, I'm afraid Olusegun not capable, by him self, even to write the final SOR.
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    Hello gentlemen,
    i need a surface drive for this boat detail bellow i was thinking of saro spt600h but dont think will get 25knot
    can you help
    LOA 26M

    BEAM 5.6M

    DRAFT 1.2 MAX

    DEPTH 3.0M

    HEAD ROOM 2.15M




    PROP 25FIX



    DWT 67 tons

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    Totally agree with FMS and TANSL!
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