"CRUDE" oil, an absolute must see program !!!

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    Everyone seems to forget why the Russians were there and who they were fighting.

    When the US took the wrong side in Afghanistan and then went looking for someone on the ground, clearly the Bin Ladens said our brother is out there and the rest is history.
    It just took the US a while before they realised they funded the wrong side and hence Osama now elevated on the world stage yet oops now out of control so clearly pressure on Saudi to control him led the family to give him a few million and be banished.

    The only reason the US has a history dealing with the Paks is they viewed India as the enemy as they had traditionally dealt with Russia.

    Lets no forget who ran security at the enrichment plant in Holland that let a Pakistani run away with everything needed to build a bomb and then sell it to every crooked regime in the world.
    I get the feeling the Discovery programs shown out side of the US are different than those shown inside??
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    Also Saddam was well on the way to have his and many other of his friends sell oil in Euro's
    Now think who had the most to loose if that happend??
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    With the NEW FRACKING ROCK SPLITTING natural gas extraction technique we have 10 times as much proven NG as before, maybe MORE THAN THAT EVEN!

    There is VERY VERY DEEP OIL. Russians have pulled it up below 40,000 foot deep wells, way below the sedimentary algae oil layers of the ancient past.

    My sense is steam super heat pressure and Natural Gas and other hydrocarbons were PRESENT IN THE EARTH AT THE BEGINNING of its forming creation.
    This super pressure steam and heat basically creates oil all the time. This oil then seeps and migrates upward into vast underground reservoirs. These reservoirs are then drilled and that is how we get oil. I am NOT saying there is not also algae based oil.
    Same thing can be said about the other planets, full of gases and hydrocarbons. Titan is awash in hydrocarbon frozen lakes and liquid hydrocarbon oceans. WHO can say that this is not true and there is so much more oil than imagined?
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    I dont care to explore the racial comments here. this is just one quick article describing origins of oil.

    another similar article.


    The 'crackpots' who write this stuff know that oil is all GEO POLITICS. And what is taught and communicated is what the teachers believe, the prevailing wisdom of the moment.
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    even assuming that oil is not a finite resource or that mountains of oil have recently been discovered ( the process of fracking is still highly questionable ) the larger issue is if fossil oil should be our primary source of energy or not, the CO2 issue is the show stopper. We either find a new fuel with a neutral carbon footprint or we set in motion a warming scenario which we simply can't survive.
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    The End of Oil, a Perilous New World

    Just recently I read an interesting and informative article in a recent issue of Popular Science (July 2011), The Last Drops

    "Oil threatens the environment, destablizes nations, and is in dwindling supply. It also provides 35 percent of the power we use on Earth. Oil won't run our world forever, but as we make the transistion to a greener economy, it will need to run it for at least another few decades. What's the smartest way to bridge the gap?"

    One of the items I found interesting is that for each alternative energy source, he provided an 'energy return' figure....energy returned on energy invested (EROEL)...sort of an efficiency rating. Some of these figures will certainly surprise you.

    Another item I want to research to a greater extent is the Thorium-fueled nuclear reactor. The article was quite positive about this reactor technology, and did not appear to present any real detrimental aspects.

    Then I looked up this website, the official website for author Paul Roberts.
    This should prove real interesting as well
  7. Boston

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    Running on alternative fuels is far less difficult than you might think


    the deal is that most folks depend on the convenience, of the energy industry. Thus ensuring there preeminence in the market, when in fact numerous alternatives exist and are viable


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    sure but try to supply 1million bb/day (imported) of that to run the us and you'll soon find there isnt enough
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    Oils dropping. Obama wants another term, pull the sheet off the ole Hummer and Boston you can back your Bio fuel truck back in the barn.

    Its going up and down in price for one reason,-- trade. Suadi has repeatedly said they will be happy with 60. I cant believe a commodity so powerfull is allowed to be traded in by people powerful enough to manipulate its price for profit while the rest of the world desperate in inflation follows like dumb puppies.

    Gold!!!---i dont care its just some shiny stuff you wear round your neck,--Oil NO

    No trade --No trade -No trade.
  10. Boston

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    oil fell only because they released the strategic reserve and thats not going to last, that bio diesel will be out of the barn and back on the road by tomorrow ;-)

    Power guy there is more than enough of various kinds of alternative fuels to at least run the US diesel fleet on as it sits today. Look into the various alternatives and what you find is that the oil and gas industry has been dragging its feet on these alternatives. Its not that they are not adequate to the task, its just that they are not profitable to the two or three energy giants that are bleeding this country dry and paying off the politicians to do so

    Oh and thats not specifically a bio diesel set up, its actually dialed in for WMO but it will process a number of other fuels as well, I run whatever I can get ahold of
  11. Frosty

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    Yes exactly, that does not mean Saudi is reducing, it just means there is a less chance of shortage so its trading value goes down.

    High oil price is causing un employment in USA you would think finding a way of stopping its fluctuation and pay a set price to the supplier would be a basic business strategy for a commodity affecting your business that can have such catastrophic results.

    Basic business strategy
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    actually OPEC was unable to agree on increases so they by default maintain the same output. Its not like they aren't able to increase if they wanted to although even if they did we still only have about 30 years left.

    High oil price has the economists worried because traditionally when energy costs reach a certain percentage of household expenses there is an adverse reaction in the economy. Its having an effect on employment but not a significant one. Whats causing job loss is our politicians selling out the country to overseas manufactures


    The deal with jobs in this country has little to do with energy costs, thats just an excuse by the politicians who've sold us out, the real issue is moving manufacturing overseas and blaming it on unions or EPA regulations or whatever. Reality is its bribery of electorate by the corporate oligarchy.
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    Bloomberg Tv 3 hours ago,-- Usanians can not afford the fuel to go look for a job -only necessary fuel can be afforded.

    Jay Lenno joke last week --cheaper to send expensive flowers for mothers day than
    200 dollars gas in the car
    Not all Opec members consider the Wests economy infact some would prefer we went to the dogs --we would still need fuel anyway. Beside that not being a good strategy any bad to us in any way shape or form.
  14. Boston

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    my tanks would cost about $110 to fill if I bought at the pump
    the big tank $852 if I topped it off
    almost $1K in fuel
    basically you have a point but most of the folks I know who are looking are doing so on line, they never drive unless they have an interview
    which is unfortunately seldom

  15. Frosty

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    In the oil industry of Loyang industrial area of Singapore if you want a job you go door knocking literally. Put your head round the door and ask for a job. working on the premise that you got to be in the right place at the right time.

    I often employed on the spot standing in front of a guy, they did'nt have internet in those days but reading letters saying they liked cricket because they knew I was English never worked.
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