"CRUDE" oil, an absolute must see program !!!

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    masalai masalai

    Well, it now seems that the most outrageous claims and assertions by masrapido are an understatement in the extreme of politeness........ - - Great shame heaped upon mark considering he also claims native blood affiliation? - - - Oh the lies and deceit seem endless... What next?
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    Manifest Destiny Is Alive And Well

    the following is an example of some typical dealings with Navajo

    think of it this way
    it took five years to even disseminate the following information to the various gov agencies
    as of yet not one of these agency's has cleaned up anything compensated anyone or paid any previous contractually obligated compensation or done anything but make promises in return for the rights to again mine uranium on Indian land

    Important note
    as of Sep 2009 not one dime has been spent to actually clean up anything on Navajo land, of the thousands of homes on Navajo land built of or on contaminated mine tailings only 27 have been demolished and none has been rebuilt. The grounds they are built on are also contaminated and the various gov. agencies are not able to agree as to were on the 27,000 sq mile reservation it is safe to rebuild these homes

    Sep. 4 2009
    A letter to
    Bureau of Land Management
    Department of Indian Affairs
    Center for Disease Control

    Status of Decommissioning Program, 2004 Annual Report, Final Report, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, NUREG-1814, January 2005

    another thing to remember is untill the price of uranium hit a profitable level in the last few years, absolutely no effort was made to either pay the promised compensation from the previous mining of the cold war era, or to even propose a clean up of the millions of tons of radioactive waste left over from that mining.
    Interesting thing is the US gov accepted payments from and granted (without permission of the Navajo) several large mining firms rights to mine on Indian land. The Navajo took there fight to the courts to prevent the gov from simply doing what they had always done;
    stealing land even though it was obviously lands that the Navajo were ceded in compensation for there forcible removal from homelands
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    masalai masalai

    and seems mark has "ducked for cover"? as is the USA government? does it seem to be living up (or is that down) to its reputation? generally expletives needed to appropriately respond.....
  4. Boston

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    your thinking of a different page Mas
    Mark doesnt typically hang here

    I was actually responding to Powerabouts implication that natives are overcompensated
    while it may be true in special circumstances
    its certainly not true around these parts
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    masalai masalai

    Nor in Australia all sorts of problems arise with custom law, and booze to name two most obvious to western eyes... and on the other point for your consideration, not reply :D:D:D

    Any idea on what Obama will be saying in a "speech" tomorrow (monday?) if it is to devalue the US$ it will have moved double that fall before his sentence is completed...
  6. Boston

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    I dont expect it would be Obummer who announced any devaluation plans
    I have no clue what Obummer is up to tomorrow night
    my bet is he will not acknowledge the depths of the difficulties we face instead attempt to put a bright face on a grim tale
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    masalai masalai

    Sorry Boston, I was teasing as I do not think, as with all fiat currencies, there is no mechanism to devalue except by inflation and consequent "discounting" by the markets, or, that the FED stops playing games to support the US$ by naked shorting almost everything else at GREAT expense and cost to the USA citizens by way of tax and other burdens... ( on another matter - - what a beautifully moving story...)
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    I hadn't thought of that when I wrote that I was just stating some are lucky and some not.
    I don't think most australians know that some mines are on land that the Aboriginals claim is/was special and hence get royalties.
    There is a lot of land and not many Aboriginals.
    They are not organised in a large hierachy like Maori's are in NZ
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    any crashes coming this October when the bankers all get back from their holidays?
    or maybe they didnt go on holidays this year?
  10. Boston

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    no worries
    it was a good opportunity to raise awareness

    500 + radioactive uranium mines abandoned along with all the contaminated equipment and millions of tons radioactive tailings
    is apparently not a good enough news story for american media
    with 15 times the national average of reproductive cancers you would think it would at least get a mention
    so it was a good opportunity to speak up

    these next few months are pretty dicey in the market
    the recovery was borrowed on fictitious money and that loan is running out
    fear is that now we are still broke and now owe trillions more than we did the first time

    everyone knows that eventually the bandade fix might not hold
    whats needed is a fundamental change in corporate control of world markets
    its simply not possible to have some nations consuming and some nations producing
    the old Russian confederacy did that with member states and look what happened to them

    thing is the savings rate is still basically zero
    jobs are still disapearing at the rate of 2 ~ 300,000 a month
    banks are lending out money with a tea spoon
    manufacturing is all but abandoned in this country
    service oriented businesses once on the rise are dropping like flies
    the only thing driving this hollow recovery is bottom feeding in the housing market
    houses in the million dollar range once an easy sell are now going nowhere fast
    there is a glut of rentals cause no one can move there properties so rents are dropping and the land barons are also dropping like flies

    in my biz Ive seen the competition falter and disappear right and left

    this isnt a recovery by any standard and yes
    people expect it to bust any moment
    the bankers I know are terrified

    this so called recovery is teetering on the edge
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    masalai masalai

    Australian bourse still seems to be closely linked to the US mood, (US market farts and Australia shits its pants), - I hope it is only that?.... as the feeling I get confirms your view and I am inclined towards masrapido's thoughts on the rest of the world - The problem economies being just USA and England (not sure on Scotland & Ireland?)
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    Why We Went To War In Iraq......OIL

    Visit this video and fast forward to time frame 5:20

    "The day before yesterday the Iraq Oil Report made the projection that there's a hundred billion barrels for sure, two hundred billion probably and at the outside three hundred billion. That dwarfs Saudi Arabia. I know why Dick Cheney went to Iraq." - Colonel Wilkerson....Colin Powell's chief of staff

    I've been saying this since the very beginning...before the war with Iraq. This was Dick Cheney's war to install a friendly government there that was in charge of what use to be the second largest proven reserves in the world. That is now the first largest reserves in the world!!
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    Well said Brian. Libya is another point in case. If it didn't have the oil, no one would give a damn about it. Syria demonstrates that to be true. No oil, let the suckers kill each other.


    What is that...?

    Yemen? Bahrein? Who cares about toothless ignorants in skirts and dresses.

    I also have serious doubts about osama bin laden. 40 minutes of frenzied and frenetic fighting in a house full of children and women, and only one person was armed.

    With a pistol...

    Even a "high tech" helicopter fell off the cloud on which it was flying, yet no body to show to the world.

    I would think that such a "high" profile person would be way more useful alive, to extract the information about the organisation.

    It stinks to the clouds. I think they simply retired him and gave him a new identity.

    After all, osama was CIA's top operative for nearly 20 years, fighting the war in Afghanistan for the usa. If anything he trashed out all those muslim "extremists" out for the usa to hunt and kill, as the "democracy" usualy does.

    And all for oil, of course. No one gives a sheet about "democracy" and progress. usa leads the world in this disdain.
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    from a European horizon Egypt, Libya and Tunisia are just across the border. Yemen and Bahrein are far away. US seemed reluctant to intervene in Libya; Europe was pushing the intervention. I sincerely don't believe that oil motivates the European countries to be engaged in Norhtern Africa. We could just as well continue to buy oil from Gadaffi. It's more that we want to be surrounded by peaceful democratic countries with a high standard of living. We don't want trouble around us (and a large portion of the Eurpoean voters don't want refugees).

    A country sitting on a major oil reserv is of strategic interrest. It migh be as you say that the oil was a major reason for the US to invade Irak, but I still believe that it would have been cheaper to continue buying the oil from Saddam.


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    You seem to have some misconceptions -- possibly because you want to misunderstand?

    No one has ever claimed there was a 40-minute firefight at the compound. What has been said is that the operation took forty minutes. Big difference.... I would imagine the SEALS spent most of their time turning the place upside down for every hard drive, flash drive, tape, photo and piece of paper they could get their hands on.

    Whatever additional useful information could be gotten from bin Laden alive wouldn't have been worth the grief of dealing with keeping him captive.

    And despite your paranoid imaginings, bin Laden wasn't even in Afghanistan for twenty years, much less the CIA's 'top operative' there for twenty years. And it was Pakistan's ISI (Inte-Service Intelligence) he was buddies with, not the CIA.

    I'm glad I don't live in your world, masrapido. It must be a very scary place with all those American bogiemen hiding in every closet and around every corner, just waiting to jump out and go "Boo!":)
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