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    The standard gypsy cuddy is much bigger than Saturn's. It is about the same size as Romany. Mr Woods had a bigger 40' cuddy boat on his website but the last site mods removed his larger designs. I am sure he would still provide them on request..

    So if we look at the boats first the cuddy then the hulls:

    Even Sango has a bigger cuddy than I want. I only want to fit a full size queen mattress in it, 5' x 6'6". If there was room for a half dinette without compromising the bed I'd be interested in that but none of these will accommodate that. I don't need standing headroom over the bed. The Saturn cuddy is shorter than 6'6", both Sango and gypsy are long enough. They are all wider than I need. If I stretch Saturn 12.5% the cuddy is long enough.

    I am 5'6" and Elizabeth is 5'2". Gypsy has 6' headroom, a nice luxury. Saturn is 5'2" which I could put up with. The other issue with hulls is the build method. I am sure if I grit my teeth I could build a mold and cast a round bottom hull in either solid glass or foam, or strip for that matter ($$$) but for me it's the most intimidating part of the build. I am sure the dory hulls work just fine but I've always thought them a bit ugly. The chined hulls of Saturn are a half way house that I quite like. Romany has a multi chine option, Gypsy does not. I was thinking of going Romany and shrinking the hulls to 10 meters, or perhapse substituting Tamar hulls. Both those options yield a much bigger boat than I need, which wouldn't be a problem but all that adds $$$. (Romany and Tamar hulls are both a lot wider than Gypsy and Saturn which contributes to the cost). Stretching Saturn 12.5% length and height gives a tad over 5'7" headroom.

    Even before my strokes I was thinking about going bigger. The extra carrying opens up the possibility of carrying a small twin tub washing machine and enough water to run it. Now I'm unable to drive I'll either need to hire someone or rope in a friend to help launch and recover the boat, or I put it on a mooring. Hardstand is both very expensive and scarce here.

    Going over 10 meters means about $200/yr more in registration and I'd put a boat that size on a mooring. Moorings are cheap enough but finding a location isn't simple and of course maintenance becomes harder. The size and capacity of the larger boat would part compensate for that. That Waller 12 meter stretched 20% with a part enclosed bridgedeck cabin would be a very nice thing, but I'd have to re-engineer the whole boat in foam which isn't trivial... Registration here is teh same from 10 meters to 15 meters. The bracket below that is 6 - 10 meters.

    Anyway I've got a pretty full dance card at the moment adjusting to my new life so unless something attractive appears on the second hand market I'll keep focusing on re arranging my life.. :( Thank you all for the thoughts.

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    Good luck. A "new" life is tough.
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