Crowther Buccaneer 37

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Wattser, Jan 9, 2023.

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    Hi I’m going to view (and hopefully purchase) a 1997 Crowther Buccaneer 37 (36) this weekend. However, I am finding it very difficult to find any information online about this particular model and could use some advice as to what to watch out for. Are there any common issues I should be extra wary of? Are there any Buccaneer 33 or 28 owners out there who considered building a 36 and are much wiser than me? Has anybody sailed a 36 and what did you think? I’m very confident in crowther designs in general, but I’m just having a hard time finding any details about this one specifically.

    Thanks for the help!
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    A long short answer. The Buccaneer 36. I have watched one being built and sailed one over 2000 open coastal miles on a delivery run. First the boat.

    The tri is 36 x 26 foot with a weight of 8000 lbs and 45 foot E8150 mast (about 210 x 160 mm) carrying 900 square foot of sail. The design has a kickup centreboard and underslung spade rudder. The hulls are foam glass and if built back in the older days may have used Airex foam, 18 oz woven rovings, some CSM on ribs and polyester resin. The advantage of this boat was the cross arms were a single unit the full width of the boat. The crossarm structure was built independently and the attachment to bulkheads. The forward cross arms on a Bucc 36 has 12 mm ply forward web, 19 mm ply aft web, a top timber flange of 8 layers of 140 mm x 8 mm clear oregan, a bottom flange of 7 layers of 140 mm x 8 mm clear oregan. The rear beam is 9 mm ply forward web, 12 mm ply aft web, a top timber flange of 8 layers of 110 mm x 6 mm clear oregan, a bottom flange of 7 layers of 110 mm x 6 mm clear oregan. There are D shaped fwd wing frames on both beams. If well built these boats were very strong.

    Second accommodation. The 36 has 2 wing berths, a dinette seat, galley in the main hull, the toilet forward in a separate space and a “double” forward and another double aft under the cockpit if there was no inboard diesel. Reality 3 guys could just live with each other for 2 weeks. This is an excellent tri for a couple with eg a kid.

    Sailing capability. I have done a lot of miles in many multihulls. This tri sailed very well, It went upwind and downwind well, handled well. Peak speeds were 15 to 16 knots and capable of 8 to 10 knot averages. It is not an outright speed machine and we did not drive it hard but as a high performance cruiser it performed well. Light airs, it was very good especially upwind. Minimal pitching etc. One very annoying downside though, when steering upwind in light airs and sloppy seas the tri would flop from float to float. The float bottom was angled brilliantly to squeeze a splash of water into the face of the person steering in the cockpit. After being hit in the face a 100 plus times by a cup of water people started steering some very strange directions to stop the splashing.

    If the boat is well maintained you will get a good tri second hand. Attached is a jpeg of a Bucc 36 and a layout plan of a Buccaneer 40 which has a very similar interior.

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    Wow thank you both so much. That is all very helpful.
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    Wattser is it the Bucaneer in San Diego? She looks nice!
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    Yep, I’m stepping aboard this Sunday. Wish me luck!

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    Different style Tri, but that Cross 36 that’s also for sale in SD is one of the nicer examples I’ve seen.

    Good luck with the acquisition of the Crowther.

    Hopefully the weather cooperates, although I understand they are expecting another week of storms with things already being pretty bad in a lot of areas.

    YouTube has a few videos of 36’s. One is a fellow past Farrier Tramp owner who moved up to the Buc a few years ago now who said he was really enjoying the boat last time I asked. see first video link below.

    And I would certainly give a lot of weight to the feedback and opinions OldMulti kindly shared.

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