crowther 10 hull refit: how much ?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by guzzis3, Jan 16, 2012.

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    Gooday 'Guzz' - U serious about the 36' in NZ? I personally don't want that particular cat but I have done a lot of homework into cats & tris over in NZ. Am sure Gary will fill in some of the spaces & if you are for real - I can help with some current info on getting boats from there to here. PM me if your serious about that particular boat as I've got a few chaps in NZ that might care to help you a tad. Ciao, james

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    I'd love that boat but lets say I paid $40kNZ, which is about 31AU:

    Customs hit me for 5% on the price plus 10% on everything including shipping.

    The only shipping companies that bothered to give me a price wanted $20k ish.

    So if it's sailed over it needs a blue water fitout, national rego ($1190 I believe) and probably at least 2 sods to sail it over. The current owner and I looked at this as he's open to that trip. Very decent bloke as far as I can tell.

    Anyway as I ran the numbers it just got dearer and dearer. Customs will take at least $5k off me, and that's assuming quarantine don't find anything unhappy. Again the gentleman there seemed very good, I suspect he's a sailor himself.

    I just couldn't get the numbers to work. Unless you have some magic method of getting it over here cheap, as in under $5k, or there is some loophole in import duty etc that I don't know about I'm afraid it's out.

    The thing that scared me most was the potential for disaster. There were many opportunities for it all to escalate out of control money wise. Quarantine I mentioned, but insurance seemed pretty much impossible. There are of course the usual dangers of crossing an ocean. If it comes by ship there are the docks to deal with.

    Love the cat, but as with everything else only at a price. I'm a worrier and apart from everything else I think the stress would take 10 years off my life :D

    Thank you for your consideration.
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