Crossover Yacht (beachable houseboat)

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    This design is almost ten years old already; but I fell in love with it right away. It's basically a beach-able houseboat, on a trimaran base, with a bow that's built-up for rougher water.

    I really like the idea of it; but I'd like to find a way to drive it with sail; so that I don't always have to rely on the engines, even if solar powered. I think an ideal version of this would be a sail-electric hybrid. There has been good progress with kites; and magnus-effect sails seem to be a viable alternative, as well.

    Frankly, I'd like to see this beefed-up, just enough, to make an ocean crossing; at the narrowest point, of course. It definitely needs more ship-like freeboard, that can withstand being pushed sideways and heavy rolls, without deforming or capsizing. I think the bow and stern need to be longer than the living compartment, to accommodate waves breaking fore and aft. Also, the front of the living compartment should'nt be flat, for the same reason. Maybe, follow the cruise-ship example, by making the living compartment "load-bearing" and part of the Freeboard?

    I think I'd start modifying the trimaran base for better sea-keeping; but the rockerless, flat, shallow-draft tri platform seems really sensible and very flexible as well. The inner hull is shorter than the outer hulls, I'm assuming this was done to reduce drag, by separating the bow and stern waves, on all three hulls. This is a design feature, I'd like to keep.

    The closest thing I've seen, to a seagoing Winnebago, that's not a cat or "Neel" tri, is the "Adams 55 Passagemaker." I like it a lot; but the only way that boat will ever get beached is if you run it aground. Nice idea, but...

    Personally, I'm looking for a mobile living space, with the optional ability to double as a mobile business; lite manufacturing and or retail. Just pull-up to the pier and lift-up the side-wall and start serving the public. What-the-heck, a seaborne "taco-truck," if you will... Something to keep an individual or small family participating in the economy, even if jobs aren't available, or accessible.

    BTW, Sundance says they're not making it anymore; so I'm wondering if the project got killed for some reason, or they didn't have the market response they wanted. This seems unlikely, as more "premium" offerings seem to be available from other manufacturers.

    49' Crossover Houseboat: an Evolution in Yachting

    Introducing the 49' Crossover Yacht
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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