Cross an ocean in a dinghy?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by stonedpirate, Apr 3, 2010.

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    Good luck, may you defy all probabilities. You are attempting the equivalent of skydiving without a parachute. Yes, some very special cases have survived when chutes didn't open, and it will be a hell of a ride until the lights go out, even better if they don't by some miracle... But hell, that kind of excitement is what some will are willing to trade for a short term lifespan...


  2. Boston

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    the new years day wave

    hey Daniel
    I called being on the will first
    but maybe we can split it or something
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    What about something unconventional?
    I am thinking about something not unlike a surfboard, but wider and thicker, a planing hull.
    Some cargo space inside, but passenger would normally ride on top of it.
    (With maybe a just large enough to sleep cabinoid).
    Instead of mast, it would be propelled by a kite.
    It would be designed to be symmetric vertically. If it flips over, deploy the kite on the other side and continue.
    This way it could be seriously overpowered.

    I see "only one" "little problem": the openings. I gather it is bad carma to have many openings on the underwater side, and this design should have the same amount of them in both sides.
    Any idea to solve this "minor problem"?

    It could be much faster than an ordinary ten feeter, and in a way much more uncomfortable. Maybe it would be a bit more stable, but I cannot honestly believe it.
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    Agree, if we don't have the sheriff up our *** because of the load of debts he left behind and several unpaid child support :p

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    a 1.4 lbm/ft^3 differenc is a small worry compared to other bits that need be addressed
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    By definition the record for an around the world sailing must:

    26.1. World Record courses for offshore yachts of any size.

    All coordinates below are given in WGS 84 and are approximate to .1NM

    a. RTW - Round the World, eastbound and westbound 21600NM. 2 separate records.
    To sail around the World, a vessel must start from and return to the same point, must cross all meridians of longitude and must cross the Equator. It may cross some but not all meridians more than once (i.e. two roundings of Antarctica do not count). The shortest orthodromic track of the vessel must be at least 21,600 nautical miles in length calculated based on a 'perfect sphere'. In calculating this distance, it is to be assumed that the vessel will sail around Antarctica in latitude 63 degrees south.
    A vessel starting from any point where the direct orthodromic distance is too short shall pass one single island or other fixed point on a required side so as to lengthen his orthodromic track to the minimum distance.
    No starting point will be permitted more south than 45 ° south.
    1 degree of longitude at 63 degrees south will be taken as 27.24NM

    Noone has seen your proposed route, but just a heads up. Which means that assuming a 2kn average speed, it will take you a minimum of 450 days of sailing to complete this trip.
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    Lets think about that magical 18 month period of loneliness......

    without a shower,
    without physical contact with other people....
    how many toilet rolls in a 10 foot yacht....
    freshwater, food.......
    power source - 18 months of candles, dim lights or darkness at night?
    the inevitability of water maker and general kit failure...
    without human contact...

    18 months is a long time kimbo sabe. :D

    PS: 'I is a lovin´it.......'
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    Folks what is our problem, we all are going to be featured in his book.

    Stoned, I hope you will take waterproof pens with you. Maybe we should start writing the book for you. like ....

    I woke up with a hell of a headache, looked outside and the waves were still some 15 meters high with white foam. I just sniffed, wiped some water out my eyes and cuddled up in my wet sleeping bag again. Switched my radio on again and listen to the crackling noise from a far away Rock and roll radiostation. Suddenly, sh... I must have hit an oiltanker.

    Who is going to write the next episode?

    Stoned, I am on your side, I will come and wave you goodbay. In Cape Town I saw the perfect dinghy. They use it for underwater diving. Unfortunately I will only next week Friday in Cape Town. I will then make a photo of it. It looks like a rescue boat
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    Friday, April 4th, 2011. Last night, the same phantasm appeared again next to me on my bunk. He said he was one of Columbus' Captains, the captain of the Nina. He then proceded to giggle and to run his hand along my exposed thigh. I was terrified..."
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    you have some strange dreams there mate, my experience with hallucinations is one of mermaids and bikini clad college cuties. you sure your playing for the opposite team there son. If not thats ok, more for me.

    stoner how much pot do you smoke in a week and multiply that by 480 days remember it must remain dry at all times + matches that and toilet paper, think essentials and remember to put me in the will "before" you go ok

  11. alan white
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    Boston, I don't know what you're talking about. I am a woman. My real name is Nancy. And stop sending me personal messages. My husband is getting irritated.
  12. Boston

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    did you get married in Massachusetts or California
  13. dskira

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    This is not a dating service on line, it is a boat forum :D
  14. Boston

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    boat is bound to be a girl magnet there D
    you just been married way to long
    when I was out on the ranch working horses everyday for a while it was like shooting fish in a bucket
    once I get out on the water in that lovely contraption I plan on building there's going to be several deck chairs ready to go at any moment
    a nice bottle of whine chilling in the decanter and a few candles ready to go

    your getting old if your only looking back at the woman you had
    you still got it when your looking forward to the ones your going to have

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    That sounds about right. Serge Testas book is called 500 days. Thats 500 days at sea in a 12 footer.

    I would use the same route as serge but go around horn instead of panama canal.

    Its not a non stop attempt. Each leg of the journey will be between 30-80 days. When i reach port, i may have to stay a month or 2 to wait for the appropriate weather window. 80 days in a well lit box with solarpowered led lighting, VHF, a few random conversations with captains of other boats, do some fishing. It would be sweet. I'll spend my time on land in a nice hottel, resturaunts, beer and maybe some foreign women. All part of the adventure. When the weathers good i'll sit on deck and enjoy the view. As for showers, most small boaties just jump over the side when the weathers hot with a bar of soap. Drip dry on deck. I can crap over the side and it wont be hard to store 80 or so sanitary wipes with antibacterial properties. Their thin and take up almost no space.

    You guys seriously lack imagination and balls.
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