Critiques, Meta Ecotrol 39

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by James Wellington, Dec 23, 2021.

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    For a smallish boat, yet one that can cross oceans, can anybody give valid critiques on this one? It seems to have everything..hybrid, kite sail, at least 200nm range, etc. "The Ecotroll 39 is the most ecological motor yacht possible! It is equipped with hybrid diesel and electric engines as well as a "kite" wing/sail allowing it to further reduce its consumption. It has a range of 6 hours at 5.5 knots in electric and more than 2000 miles at 6 knots in diesel engine making it the smallest motor yacht to be approved in category A offshore. Her shallow draft and Strongall hull allow her to sail in all the seas of the world, rivers and canals. This yacht of a little less than 12m is composed of a large living room with kitchen, chart table and the wheelhouse on the main deck as well as a bathroom and two double bedrooms, one of which is the owner's bedroom on the lower deck. ". Couldntvfigure out how to post pics here, but available at compant site.
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    Not really gonna cross the Atlantic or Pacific with it.
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