creating expanded panels for flat bottom skiff

Discussion in 'Software' started by ddoyle, Apr 3, 2014.

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    That is exactly what you did and you did it beyond beautifully. I am looking at a cardboard model from your work and it went together like a dream. I am going to be able to build this boat in the club workshop over a long weekend and cannot express the gratitude I feel for you (and Xj9) making it possible.

    Again huge thanks and I am serious that you should PM me a mailing address so that I can send a token of appreciation.

    Not to swell anyone's head but having a plan customed developed by Lewis Boatworks is a real treat. My only concern is that the hours you put into may have slowed the issue of the "pod" series of boats that we have been waiting for!
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    Not a problem... it was a fun exercise and only took about a 1/2 hour. I will re-state that those after quarters may prove a bit difficult in plywood even if it went well in cardboard. I wouldn't use over 1/4" ply to put this together with some doubler pieces laminated in strategic places. If I were you I would go to a hobby shop and pick up some thin ply used for model planes and try it again before starting it full sized. You might find that the shapes will need a bit of tweaking. I didn't do much fairing of things so those tougher spots might be ironed out a little with some work. Then again... it all might fall into place just as it is. Do try it with some 1/16" ply or something stiffer and less forgiving than cardboard.
  3. XJ9
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    I'll be interested to see how it turns out. I have been intending to build a "Shallow Draft Hunting Kayak" from an old Science and Mechanics magazine that I found on another boat site. I got as far as putting the offsets into Hulls and smoothing it slightly when I got conned into building a fibreglass fishing boat, but I'll get there eventually.

    Steve's 'practice with a small ply model first' isn't a bad idea. Assuming that Steve's work and my Hull file are sufficiently similar, you should be able to produce some bulkheads to help out with getting a historically correct hull shape. Thin ply should be available from a model shop or even somewhere like Aircraft Spruce (if you have a good cash flow). I have some 1.5mm birch ply that's used for real aircraft building and no doubt that would be nearly perfect to make a nice boat model. ..sorry, you can't have any of mine :p Postage and quarantine in between Tasmania and your place would probably put a stop to that anyway.

    Make sure to post some pictures of your completed skiff.

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    Is that classed as a sport ? :(

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    call it what you want, I call it a way to feed my kids. Much sport at the grocery store?
    Ever plucked, gutted, butchered and cooked your own food before? While your spending and consuming and poisoning yourself with the trappings of the agro industrial complex I (and 90% of hunters) are sitting on a stump being aware of the world and shedding a tear for our collective impact on it. Indigenious species in healthy habitat are way more productive then what big bussiness grows/plants on that land. For example it is well accepted that the loss of the yearly production in protien by catfish in the Mississipi watershed is many fold greater then the protien produced by the corn/pigs which have destroyed the catfish stocks.... The ducks those guys killed replaced something else in thier diet. That something else would have destroyed more ducks then they did!

    FYI your soya based 'feel good' supper destroys more wildlife habitat then is required to grow the hare, squirrel, duck, deer, grouse that you should be eating. Holier then thou? yep with out a doubt. Picking, catching,trapping,growing and hunting give a man alot of time to reflect. Try it, It will make you less likely to ask baited questions on the internet and more likely to feel joy.
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