Creating dxf file for plasma

Discussion in 'Software' started by jmac, Feb 22, 2006.

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    I posted this on another site but didn't get reply. I see this site has a software forum so perhaps more people here to answer.

    I'm looking at purchasing plans that include expanded shell and deck plate patterns to scale with measurements. I also have a friend with a cnc (dxf file) plasma table. I also have good knowledge of autocad.
    Does the term "expanded shell" mean that this is the actual cut shape ready for bending?
    Is there much required other than drawing the parts and then somehow nest the parts on a sheet ready for the plasma cutter?
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    Looks like one for 'boltonprofiles' he's the expert on this shi er stuff!:p

    One for you Paul, see there is something you can do better than me!:p
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    Look for "cutting files" that includes "plate layout" for CNC, Expanded plate is a drawing done by naval architect as a reference in regard of hull "skin" area also it contains information of girths but it can be that is not the actual correct expansion of the plate, this is (hull) "expanded" only in one direction, not much used this days.

    for example:

    This page has a picture of a Expanded plate layout

    This page has an image of a shell expansion drawing.

    Most of the plan sets for cutting files are made for fully developable hulls. so no extra bending is really needed (for hull plates), all webs that has the flange integrated should be already expanded on the drawing and once you cut the file you will use the press to "form" the flange.

    No, there is nothing else you may need to do if you have the cut file maybe a piece here and there but nothing large, you can use AutoCAD to do the nesting and if the plasma cutter reads dxf then you may be ready to go.
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