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Discussion in 'Software' started by se7ven, Sep 25, 2015.

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    se7ven New Member

    hi every one !
    I have a probllem when creat hull of ship. I make hull by rhino and i import iges file to shipconstuctor. but i dont know how to divide hull for suitable with side of plate steel. Could you give me some rules and tips?:confused::confused:
  2. erol_ay98
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    you need to make Shell expansion of the hull than dvide into suitable parts according to plate dimensions such as 2000x6000mm
  3. Oleboynow

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    What is the hull form, is it chined?
    Rhino is poor at plate development too
    I think freeship is easier , for me and then into rhino, but what programme to use for plate expansion? Maxsurf spits out expansions that are nothing like what they should be
    Does ship contructor have the facility to develop plates
    Even simple plates are wrong in rhino, checked that with some well known designers here
    can you attach a rhino file

  4. Alexanov
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    Alexanov Senior Member

    Can you show hull surface? Splitting for shell plates depends very much from hull shape. In general - you have to make your shell plates as simple as possible from production point of view. Try to avoid complicaded shapes with double curvature. And etc, etc.... But first of all you hull shape have to be faired as ready for production, and to be ownest is is very difficult to do in Rhino.
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