Crazy Pallet Boat idea?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by dllcooper, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Traditional canoes in the pacific were often made from a patchwork of small planks, with the exception of the keel and spars. The planks are all sewed together and caulked. You could make a proa or a catamaran this way. Just laminate a few beams for the keel and cross beams and use the rest of the wood as is. See figure 8 on this page (and read the rest too).
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    That is an elegant design.

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    boats have been made from anything and everything, even bamboo and concrete.

    skin on frame is a possiblity, but if you do not have good quality fabric availible that would be a costly way to go. Even building skin-on-frame in the United states, the skin or fabric is the single most costly component.

    I would consider cold molding thin strips of wood in a diagonal pattern, using some kind of water proof glue. Epoxy is common today, but other types of glues have been used in the past. this would be a good method for smaller planks, it is also not as sensitive to having a lot of small nail holes in the wood either.
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