crane mounting on fibreglass deck

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    Hi there

    I have a 42ft landing craft (fibreglass) (almost 13ft beam) which I want to add a telescopic 12v crane. The crane will be lifting a maximum weight of 300kg although is rated for 1.5t @ 1m. The deck of the vessel is about 2.5 inch fibreglass with multiple support lattice (6inch X 6inch) supports beneath the entire deck.

    I plan to mount the crane on 4inch steel I beams length of 3m running two parallel to each other and another two running across (effectively a large double beamed cross). The beams will be bolted in multiple locations to the deck with steel plates beneath. The beams will run most of the beam of the vessel.

    With a vessel weight of appx 12 tonnes, does anyone see any major problems with this ? the 'cargo' will not be boomed about more than 1ft from the vessel side.

    Appreciate any thoughts.

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