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Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by shelbygone, Aug 9, 2006.

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    :confused: anybody out there have any suggestions on fixing a cracked engine block? glue,epoxy,prayer? i had a guy from a welding shop look at it and he said it would probably spider crack so i guess thats out.:( i'm not very happy. thanks guys.(and girls).
  2. gonzo
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    It can be welded. Find a welder that is familiar with engine block alloys. However, it may be expensive.
  3. Frosty

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    Welding blocks aint easy, it depends on where the crack is, it may need the block in a furnace to heat up the whole block , this of course is a major strip down and some would say needing line boring after. You might as well stop right there and buy a short motor.
    OR again depending on where the crack is there is a technic called cold stitching. this is basically drill a hole right at the end of the crack ( not easy to determine) and thread it and put in a plug. You then drill through half the the plug and crack thread and plug again, repeat till crack filled .
    I beleive you can buy a kit to do it yourself. Someone had a thread on this not so long since.
    I had a piece of block the size of your hand come out of a Chevy 350 due to freezing damage. I cold stitched it,-- cost a fortune, lesson learned should'v bought a short motor. Oh well

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    if the crack is in a water jacket area you can use waterglass in the cooling system to stop it up this is what they use on the on the road trucks and equipment when they crack a block from cold or flex
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