Crab claw sails evolving to rectangular shape

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by gonzo, Nov 28, 2020.

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    Make up mind....Sailmaker's Apprentice...thought I put up....1994 Mariano...very decent reference, IMHO.

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    That website is amusing in that it suggests they believe they have invented a “new rig” and a licensable technology.

    Sure, maybe they came up with a catchy trademark-able name, but the “flying lateen” design is not new.

    It has been used on production boats and by home builders long before I’m sure the proprietor built his first rig.

    And I agree with Will that there is no need for the forward support.

    By removing the forward support, fixing the top spar, and even allowing the hanging point to be positioned along the length of the top spar, you could allow for adjustment of where the volume of the sail would be similar to the way some of the Polynesian rigs did in order to capture the trades in big swell.
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