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    Boat yards, designers, racers, sponsors, fans: the editorial team
    behind Course au Large magazine has always remained in touch with the
    leading figures in offshore sailing outside of France… the
    magazine always intended to be accessible to international readers.
    That has now been achieved!

    Why an English language version? Firstly, because ocean racing is a
    global discipline and the content of Course Au Large magazine since
    its creation, essentially international…
    Secondly, what is going on with French racers and French technology
    is of great interest to sailors and fans around the world. The story
    of major ocean races (Vendee Globe, Route du Rhum...), the
    development of multihulls, single-handed racing as well as major
    records have always attracted the interest of fans and sailors in the
    four corners of the world.

    The first ocean racing magazine online !

    This is now the case, as English-speaking readers from around the
    world can now view the entire content of Course Au Large magazine in
    English in a web version. This choice of technology removes the
    constraints linked to publishing, supply and distribution of the
    printed version, and ensures too that this new magazine is easily
    available to an international audience!

    Thanks to the arrival online of OCEAN RACING, every two months,
    English-speaking readers will now be able to discover at their
    leisure in depth articles, stories, technical dossiers and interviews
    all with the same graphic quality that has made Course Au Large

    The first edition of Ocean Racing (98 pages) can be viewed online at
    absolutely no cost at the following address:
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