Costume surface drive.

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    Dear Sir,
    Hello, i have a boat 12 meters long, 11 meters in the water with 2,60m. with,depth 45 santemeters, made out of faberglass. The weight of the boat fully loaded is 8000kilos. I have twin Volvo D6310 horsepower,3500 rpm.I have custom surface drive non trinable,the propeller of transom is 75 sentemetres and the left of shaft is 1.10m. Thickness of axon is 60mm and gearation is 2.1.1 . Please let me know what size of the propella,how long the delivery from the day of order, the prize,and also the maximum speed of the boat. The boat was running with DPH twin prop Z drives and the boat was doing 40knots, so i want to change to surface drive. Please let me know what the differences on the performance between them.
    With regards Toyralis.
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    Why do you want a surface drive? It seems to me that an 8000 kilo boat capable of 40 knots is doing pretty well as it is.

    Supercavitating props are difficult to predict. Most of them are found by an expensive and time consuming trial and error process.
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