Costa Concordia, 80 deg list, really scary !!

Discussion in 'Stability' started by smartbight, Jan 15, 2012.

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    ancient kayaker aka Terry Haines

    - That sounds precisely what is being done with the caissons.

    - it sounds most fortunate you were not picked up by the salvage company and presented an expert salvage engineer.

    - some noise was expected. I would certainly expect some noise if I rolled over or even moved thousands of tonnes of wrecked ship that had been sitting in place for a couple of years. I can get that just by rolling a full garbage can. Did you expect total silence? However, the ship wasn't rolled on a rocky sea floor. Concrete bags were placed under the bilge to provide support over most of its length.

    - raising underwater objects is hardly new. Use of air bags is quite commonly used to raise small boats for example, caissons is standard for large ships. The reason you don't know how it is done is because you know nothing about this kind of work.

    - your advice is worth every penny . . .
  2. Heiwa
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    Heiwa Naval architect

    No, the caissons are attached to the damaged wreck one way or another 10-20 meters below water by the beach combers. Nobody knows how or why or when except that it is expensive and only beach comber experts know, blah, blah. It will be done in the future.

    Pontoons are floating on the surface of the sea for all to see and can easily lift the wreck.

    Sorry, you have got it all confused, as usual.
  3. Heiwa
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    Heiwa Naval architect

    Are caissons attached to large ship underwater standard to raise wrecks? Pls give one example/link. Or two. Or shut up.

    And same for air bags to raise a small boat. Much easier just to attach a hook and winch it up.

    It seems you are trolling and shilling with no knowledge of anything.

    Why do you do it? Are you paid for it or just sick/bored/dying/ignored?
  4. dskira

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    So you change your tune, watch TV of the salvage, and decided to tell everybody they should have done ....what exactly they did. :D

    You are a fraude and a nuisance.

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    Now 20 months after this thread was started, and with the Costa Concordia having been rotated upright now, it's probably best to close this thread at this point.
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