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Discussion in 'Materials' started by Vega, Dec 14, 2005.

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    One other thought for this community, Have any of you taken up a teak deck when it was time to be replaced? On the older boats it wasn't too bad but now a days the manufactures have gone to epoxy laid decks. No screws for the obvious reasons but with the change in application comes a whold new world, the removal of the deck.
    Not only have the glued them down but they have in their infinite wisdom, gone to using teak veneer to reduce costs. They look great for about five years but the reality is they are junk beyond. They do not last, and can you imagine you purchase a boat for 500,000 and over a 1,000,000 and you get a veneer? I can tell you when your buying a vessel, better look into it, the veneer by the way isn't much better than the joinery, its all smoke and mirrors. So when the time comes for that deck replacement realize your ripping up epoxy bonded plywood, and the only way to get it up is to plane it. Costly nasty work and not many mechanics around with experience as we are just coming into our own with this. In any event there is an old expression. you can pay for it now or you can pay for it later. If it were me and I wanted a teak deck I would insist on a 1/2 solid teak deck at the time of purchase and put it into the financing at time of purchase, or forgo the teak deck altogether if I could not afford it. If it were a cork deck it most likely would out last your ownership of the vessel, but if you had to replace it, it can be removed easily with a fein Machine, most decks in one day, and no damage to the gelcoat. enough said
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