Cored Structures in the Slam zone of High Speed Craft / Patrol Boats

Discussion in 'Class Societies' started by blackfeather, Aug 23, 2010.

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    Just a quick query out there - is anyone familiar with which (if any) scantling rules will allow cored bottom plating in the slam zone of High Speed Craft / Patrol Boat?
  2. apex1

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    Why should one be so mad to do that?
  3. idkfa
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  4. apex1

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  5. blackfeather
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    blackfeather New Member

    The question has been answered. We can get it past DNV, ABS or BV. I was just looking for feedback from anyone who had recently pushed a cored bottom plate structure through any of these class rules. Thanks.
  6. Palmer
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    I can't guarantee that the new 140' 30kn coast guard cutter built by Westport is cored in the 'slam zone' but I bet it is.
  7. Ad Hoc
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    Cored structures, in the slamming zone, with DNV, for example, must have a miniumum density of 130 kg/m^3.
  8. powerabout
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    if you core the success or failure is down to the layup, the chemicals and who did it
  9. apex1

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    ...and the core of course.:cool:

  10. BMcF
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    I was just going to mention DnV. I mean heck, I've been involved in building DnV-approved cored composite hulls (100% cored everywhere) in Norway for 25 years now. The Norwegian Navy 47-meter 65-knot fast attack craft are frp-sandwich are their 54-m mine countermeasure vessels. Not a square inch of single skin laminate to be found anywhere.

    That said..the other class societies than DnV have only more recently been considering designs that are cored below the waterline and/or on other structures (like the cross-deck on catamarans) that are are subject to slamming.
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