Corecork material

Discussion in 'Materials' started by caneca, Apr 9, 2010.

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    caneca New Member

    I've found a very flexible material that would work perfect for one of my next projects.
    This a cork material (Corecork) and my idea is to replace foam by Corecork. It looks it can be better worked.
    DO anyone worked with this Corecork material? Can you share your projects?
    Where can I buy the Corecork? Can't find it on-line sales...
  2. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    This stuff? GENERAL.pdf

    I've never tried it (hadn't even heard of it until now). Looking at the specs, it's certainly a lot more flexible than foams of similar density. Unfortunately, it's key mechanical properties appear to be nowhere close to Core-Cell foam of the same density: 200 kg/m3 Core-Cell has about seven times the compressive strength, 14 times the compressive modulus, twice the shear strength, and 7.5 times the shear modulus of 200 kg/m3 Corecork.

    If you're still interested, the distributors list for the stuff is at
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