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    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this site as of this minute, as well as this project i am wanting to take on. I have a Hondo flat bottom drag boat that i bought knowing it needed some TLC on the interior floor fiberglass. What i have now come to find out is that i may need to replace at least the outer core on the port side. There is a spot about 12" X 4" that the core is exposed and damp. The glass extending 6"-8" on either side of the exposed core is completely delaminated, but most of the glass on that side of the boat sounds 'hollow" when tapped. There are a few small areas on the medial and starboard sides that sound a little hollow as well.

    The stringers are exposed in a few areas where the glass has cracked, but sound, look, and feel extremely strong (they have 1/8" thick steel that runs the length of the them to hold the once 850 HP...).

    My questions are should i (a) replace the sections that are rotted out, or (b) replace the entire core, stringers, and reinstall all new glass on the interior?

    Im sure the obvious answer is to replace everything and do it the right way, but free time and money as a medical student are hard to come by so if there is any way to avoid doing the full repair i would appreciate any and all tips. If not, if any of you experts could throw some tips my way on how to go about this project i would greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks again.
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