Copenhagen Ships Curves

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by valgin2150, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. Sean Herron
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    Lars Udrup...


    Sorry everyone - this is not about ships curves - but I have done my bit there...

    Soren - is Lars Udrup still designing multihulls and other in Helsingor (spelling) - I was offered a job by him when going to see Kronberg Castle (National Maritime Museum) with an ex,ex,ex girlfriend - but I was to young and stupid and scared at the time to take him up on it...

    Time does go by when you are looking back on it...

    Also you did not capitialize Swede... :)

  2. sorenfdk
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    I believe Lars Oudrup (spelling again :) ) is now living (and designing) in Middelfart (please put the "l" and the "e" in the right order!), close to Quorning, builders of the Dragonfly tris. He helped me many years ago, when I designed a micromultihull as my final exam work in Helsingør (your spelling error here is understandable - the "ø" is only used in the Danish language and therefore most likely not found on your keyboard!)

    Enough Danish spelling - let's get back to the subject: Here in Denmark the price is somewhere in the region of 350$ for an almost complete set of Copenhagen ships curves!
  3. Eric Sponberg
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    Hey Folks,

    I did a search through Charrette, and they have a complete set of Copenhagen ships curves, which you can see from the following link. The price is probably high, but you get a nice mahogany case to keep them in, too. Generally, you get what you pay for, and unfortunately, curves are not cheap. For 56 curves, at $384 and change, that's about $6.86 per curve, which on a unit price, is not bad. It's just that there are 56 of them in the set.!?~language=en&v_direct_dept_code=MC08&~Okcode=ZDTD&~target=_top&~forcetarget=yes

    Hope that helps.

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    Your my hero...Thanks Eric for digging them up! I have been looking for quite some time. Well done by the way on your latest creation (Moloka'i) the 58 is a work of art! To put all that in 58' and still have a high eye candy factor is a tribute to your skill. I have yor PMM articals and saw your Showboats ad-I hope she makes you rich!
    Thanks for keeping her American too.....8Knots
  5. Lars Oudrup

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    No- I'm living here in Fredericia, see

  6. sorenfdk
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    Ups - jeg troede sgu' det var i Middelfart!
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