Coosa for core?

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by partgypsy, Mar 21, 2014.

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    I have to re-core a foredeck deck about 14' w x 15' long. It is unobstructed below (and I will use temporary supports to hold the shape of the deck) and the plan is to re-core from below. I am not concerned about weight and I have a good local supplier of Coosa. I know it's not the highest tech material out there, but Coosa has strength. I was thinking of cutting it into ... say... 9" strips and epoxying them into place athwartships with enough space between to go back and fill the gaps with a more Coosa. This way, I can follow the crown easily without without worrying about compound curves. I feel that I will have be better able to be sure there is consistent epoxy between the skin on the deck and the Coosa.
    I understand this may not be the most efficient way to go, but I am working alone can do this work in manageable stages.
    A few years ago I sprung a concave boat deck on a 57 Pacemaker back to its original shape by using temporary braces and then I fashioned edge cut plywood frames to hold the exact shape. It worked fine.

    Any advice or perceived issues?
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    Coosa will make a fine deck core, and stripping it the way you plan should not present any problem re strength. I have always found Coosa very helpful, give them a call and ask (205) 663-3225

    Good luck, I would not look forward to that much laminating upside down.

  3. oceannavigator2

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    That is a difficult lamination upside down. That would be my one reservation. The one thing that would make me go in from the top/deck.
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